Please read this page in its entirety before commenting on this site or engaging any site users. FANS (NON-AUTHORS) may skip the "AUTHORS" section. We encourage all site visitors to take full advantage of everything this site has to offer, but we do have some rules of engagement.

We are the home of free promotional exchange services and advice for authors and the best deals on the internet for readers. Please contact us at practical(at) if you are aware of any abuse of this site or any exchanges. All engagements and interactions, even interactions that take place on the site itself, are strictly between site visitors. PracticalManifestations, LLC makes no guarantees/warranties regarding the same. Please read our “Legal” page for further information.

Authors use this site to exchange information on how to improve their work and their selling strategies and to find the contact information for fellow authors interested in exchanging promotional services. Authors also use this site to list their contact information for readers to reach them if regarding free and signed copies in exchange for free promotional services, as well as announce their book tours, online availability, discounts, and giveaways.
Authors are encouraged to check their work with other authors and readers to ensure it is of high quality. Fellow authors and readers can provide feedback on what areas need improvement using private messaging systems on various social media sites or via email.
Authors that have verified their work is of high quality are encouraged to exchange promotional services with fellow authors, and offer free and deeply discounted copies to their fans in exchange for their help. With regard to author-fan exchanges, we suggest that authors make announcements on their promo page and on the “Book Giveaways & Discounts” page, and fans contact the authors if they are interested.

Participation in exchanges should be harassment and spam-free. The purpose is not to try to sell your book to the other authors. This is more like a think-tank for authors regarding these exchanges. We are trying to identify who has quality work and help them promote it. For those that have lesser quality work or less refined selling strategies, we will try to help you to improve what you're doing. This site will not be held liable for exchanges that go awry, but if we receive multiple complaints about users, their promo page will be removed and notes will be added on all interaction pages.

We are lucky to have among us some highly-accomplished authors that are quite busy creating and promoting their work. People try to ride their coattails, so many of these authors receive a lot of spam and uncourteous requests for endorsement.  If their page says they are open to mutual promotion, we ask that you only contact these individuals if your book is of the same genre. Use the LABELS on the right hand side to find like genres. And as with all our authors, be respectful.  Please contact me immediately if you are being mistreated at . I would suggest that you block the user on whatever social media site they are contacting you, report the emailer to your email service provider, etc. If I receive multiple complaints about a user, I’ll take their promo page down, however I don’t take responsibility for any exchanges that were not followed through on. See the “LEGAL” page for more information. That said, start engaging your fellow authors (the ones that specify they want to be contacted) and fans. Each book’s page has extra large text that tells you whether or not authors wish to be contacted by other authors for mutual promotion opportunities. We have a ton of ways you can get your books into the hands of more readers with just a little bit of effort on your part. You can request free copies of other author’s books and offer them free copies of yours. If you like their work, you can write a great review wherever they would like, agree to tell your friends, family, coworkers and online friends about it, etc. If you think their book needs improvement, we suggest that just send them a private message with constructive criticism instead of publicly bashing it. This way, everyone benefits.

Generally speaking, we offer the best deals on the internet for fans. Fans can get signed or free copies of author’s books in exchange for free promotional services when they contact various authors. Each book's promo page notes whether or not authors welcome fans to contact them about exchanges (free or signed copies, discounts, etc. in exchange for the reader promoting the author's titles in honest ways). Authors are welcome to offer whatever they wish to fans at their discretion. There is no requirement for authors to offer anything to fans, even if their promo page suggests otherwise. Fans can email us at the address above if authors refuse to offer signed or free copies or any discounts and we will contact the author to suggest that their promo page reflects the same if it states that fans should contact them about exchanges. At the same time, you should note that PracticalManifestations, LLC offers no warranties/guarantees on any of said interactions or exchanges. These are agreements made directly between fans and authors. If you are aware of any abuse, contact us immediately via the email address above. Please see our “Legal” page for further information.