AUTHORS: Please tell us when and where you will be going on tour over the next month or so (using both local time and the Coordinated Universal Time Clock). Tell us the genre(s) of your book(s) and give us a couple of sentences describing it(them). Be sure to include the dates, times, and locations of your book tours. Only mention tours that will be occurring over the next month or so. If you're touring for more than a month, please post a new comment each following month with the new dates. Also let us know if you are signing books and/or selling them at a discounted price. Send a tweet to #bpetours

Fans: Here's your chance to meet the author. If you read a copy of the authors work and thought it was good, now's the time to tell your friends, family, coworkers, etc. about it so they can check out the author's book and meet the author too.

Here are the Twitter handles for all the authors featured on this site so you can see when each one announces a book tour or event:
Kerry Denney: @kerrydenney , Amber Garza: , Jason Argos:   J. Rutger Madison: , R. Marquez: , Johan Botha: George A. Kos   ,Yolanda Ramos: , Jan Raymond: , Dave Lowell: @davidwlowell , Garrard Hayes:   , Maya Shepherd: