Dear Authors: Tell your fans about upcoming sales you will be having on your books. Be sure to provide the link to your book's page here on this blog and the link to your book's Amazon page, or wherever the sale is. Even if your fans have received your book for free, they can tell their friends, family, coworkers, etc. about the sale for maximum impact. Also be sure to return the favor when other authors have sales. Please only post sales that are occurring this month. Note the original price and the sale price. Send a tweet to #bpedandg (as in bookreviewexchange book discounts and giveaways)

Dear Fans: If you received a free copy of an author's book and thought it was a good read, this is the time to tell other people about the book and how to get it at a discount. What's better than that?

Here are the Twitter handles for all the authors featured on this site so you can see when your favorites are announcing discounts and giveaways:
Kerry Denney: @kerrydenney , Amber Garza: , Jason Argos:   J. Rutger Madison: , R. Marquez: , Johan Botha: George A. Kos   ,Yolanda Ramos: , Jan Raymond: , Dave Lowell: @davidwlowell , Garrard Hayes:   , Maya Shepherd: