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Kerry Alan Denney


Latest Title: Jagannath
Publisher: Permuted Press
ISBN*: 978-1618684127
Genres:Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Paranormal, Dystopian, Crime, Supernatural
Publication Date: February 3, 2015

Formats*:E-Book, Paperback
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Editorial Reviews
"Kerry Alan Denney's Jagannath has everything I love in an action novel: great characters, strange otherworldly monsters, and one spunky four-legged hero. With every novel, Denney grows stronger as both an author and storyteller, and this latest effort proves this in spades. If you want a story that holds you in its grip from page one to the last line, pick up this book!" - James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of The Sixth Extinction and the Sigma Force series

"Jagannath is a hair-raising, fantastic, adventurous ride. Brilliant, amazing, and impossible to put down. A must-read for all sci-fi/ horror fans. Highly recommended!" - Lynda Fitzgerald, critically acclaimed author of If Truth Be Told, Of Words & Music, and the LIVE mystery series

"What an exciting story and non-stop action! Jagannath is about a monster from the depths of the ocean, awakened by its hunger and its need to feed... and it feeds on humans. After devouring more than half of the world's population, it has grown to epic proportions and is seemingly unstoppable. There is one remaining chance: a little girl named Lily. Hop aboard for a thrilling adventure!" - Deborah D. Moore, bestselling author of The Journal: Cracked Earth and The Journal: Ash Fall
The monster from your nightmares is here. It's destroying civilization. Soon the human race will be extinct.

The year is 2037, and Corporal Kimi Jayden has one chance to rescue the lone refugee girl who is miraculously immune to Reaper absorption. Thirteen-year-old Lily walks the deserted streets of Savannah alone, ever since the Reaper absorbed her family - and tried and failed to absorb her - a year ago. An amorphous creature that has nearly wiped out civilization, growing as it feeds, the Reaper assimilates its prey's intelligence when it consumes flesh and blood. Growing smarter with each human it absorbs, the Reaper transforms into monsters created from our darkest nightmares - and it loves tormenting its victims.

Kimi and her fellow survivors in the North Georgia Renegade Enclave believe Lily's DNA holds the key to mankind's survival. But the Reaper covets and abducts Lily, and Kimi must battle a ghastly horde of Reaper incarnations to preserve humanity's last hope against extinction.

JAGANNATH reveals the resilience and determination of the human spirit in an action-filled tale of terror, selfless courage, and ultimate triumph and redemption.
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